Our mission

Here at Tiny House Grid, we're focused on only one mission: to create the biggest and the most passionate tiny house on wheels community in the United States. Our founders have been a part of the tiny house on wheels campaign since its early days. We were there when it all began, and through our struggles, we have learned and mastered the way of providing the perfect tiny home on wheels solution for every type of demand.

Save money

We offer the best deals for the lowest price. Contact one of our agents to get complete details on how you can find a tiny home on wheels that is perfect for your budget. Once you give us the required information, our team of experts will do the rest for you.

Effective Sales and Marketing

We work both in the state of Florida and New York. Our advertising network is all across the country. If you ever need manual assistance, don’t worry; we’ll be there.


Ensuring the utmost comfort for our clients is one of the most critical factors at Tiny House Grid. We know that you trust us, and we plan on never letting you down.


Our database is filled with various types of tiny homes on wheels. Whether you want to do custom orders or buy or rent an existing house, you will find everything with a click of a button. And if you are still not satisfied, contact support, and we will make sure to find your tiny dream house.

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